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VSAT Network Solution on Ku-Band for Africa!

VSAT Network Solution on Ku-Band for Africa!

Enjoyed our internet connectivity over satellite on VSATPLUS Service as below benefits:

  • High–Speed Internet Connections
  • Cost-Effective and No Hidden Charges
  • Unlimited Surfing
  • Reliable Connectivity Solutions
  • Modern Technology
  • Easy and Fast Deploy
  • Continuous Support, Sales Support Team 24/7, Technical Support Team 24/7, Network Operation Team 24/7

VSATPLUS specializes in providing Satellite Communication, ICT Services, and Hardware solutions to industries like;

  • Oil and Gas
  • ATM/Banks
  • Maritime Services/Hardware
  • Military Defense
  • Telco
  • Enterprise
  • Humanitarian
  • Corporate Services
  • Leasing Capacity

If you have any inquiry or special requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here serving solutions from Private to Government Sector.

Please do let us know your bandwidth requirement so I could send you the proposal to showcase your needs.

For inquiries, please email us at shop@vsatplus.com

For more details, please visit our website: https://www.vsatplus.com/

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