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iDirect MDM3310 Satellite Modem

iDirect MDM3310 Satellite Modem

The MDM3310 Satellite Modem is a compact, high throughput modem supporting a wide range of fixed IP services, including Internet/ intranet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity, maritime and multicasting services. The modem features high throughput DVB-S2X and Dialog’s three return waveform technologies: MF-TDMA, high-rate SCPC and Mx-DMA which seamlessly combines MF-TDMA flexibility with on-demand variable bandwidth allocation of SCPC while guaranteeing the highest efficiency and availability.

The MDM3310 Satellite Modem supports a wide range of fixed IP services, including Internet/ intranet access, VoIP, enterprise connectivity, maritime and multicasting services. With data rates over 150 Mbps, the MDM3310 can also be used in backhauling applications. The wideband receive capability makes the MDM3310 a perfect fit for usage on HTS satellites. The modem’s ease of installation through multilingual web GUIs and Point&Play application allows services providers to deploy their services quickly, in a cost-effective way.

The 3310 modem is also offered as a board level variant, the SMB3310.

Features of the MDM3310

  • DVB-S2 (up to 45Msps) / DVB-S2X (up to 500 Msps) outbound
  • Supports DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 64APSK
  • Return max rates up to 40 Msps(SCPC), 25 Msps (MxDMA)
  • Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications with throughput rates up to 100/25 Mbps
  • OpenAMIP and GXT file support
  • Embedded TCP acceleration, GTP acceleration and header compression

 Network Configuration

Network TopologyRxTx 
ModulationQPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK,
Symbol Rates1 Msps to 500 MspsUp to 7.6 MspsUp to 20 MspsUp to 25 MspsUp to 64 Msps

Modem Interfaces

Tx Interface

ConnectorF-Type 75 Ohm
Frequency range L-band950-2400 MHz
TX level-55 dBm to +5 dBm
BUC power supply24VDC, 4A/48V, 3.5A
BUC reference10/50 MHz

Rx Interface

Frequency950-2150 MHz
ConnectorF-Type 75 Ohm
LNB power supply13/18VDC
 Polarization selection power supply voltage
LNB LO selection22 kHz on/of

Data Interface

 LAN: Four 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, auto MDI/MDIX

Future Use

MicroSDmass storage option MicroSD cards


Protocols Supported

Terminal Authentication, UDP, IP, IPv6, ICMP, TCP, ARP, FTP, DHCP,
BGP, NAT, IP forwarding, Diffserv, DNS, IGMPv1/2

 Multilingual Web GUI

 Manage web GUI via configurable management IP address

Mechanical and Environmental

HousingW 22 cm x D 33cm x H 4 cm
(W 8.66 in x D 12.99 in x H 1.57 in)
Weight1.7 kg (3.75 lbs)
                         Operating 0° to +55°C (32° to +131°F)
                         Storage -30° to +60°C (-22° to +140°F)
                         Operating 5 – 95% non-condensing

Power Supply

Modem48VDC, 4 Amps input
AdapterAC, 50Hz\220-260V and 60Hz\100-130V

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