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iQ Desktop Satellite Modem

iQ Desktop Satellite Modem

The iQ Desktop Satellite Modem features dual Gigabit Ethernet VLAN-aware networking ports and a very small form factor ideal for prosumer, broadband access, and small enterprise site networks supporting a large range of applications including Internet/Intranet access, SCADA, Voiceover-IP (VoIP), video streaming, and multicasting. The iQ Desktop can reach throughputs up to 200 Mbps when being used in L2oS mode and is compatible with a variety of ODU configurations. High performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer various bandwidth intensive services. The modem’s ease of installation allows service providers to deploy their services quickly, in a cost-effective way.

The IQ series modems are also available as a 1U rackmount or board-level product.

Network Configuration
Network TopologyDVB-S2*/S2X with Adaptive TDMA Returns
 Downstream   Upstream
 DVB-S2X/ACM                                               DVB-S2*/ACM                                     Adaptive TDMA
Symbol Rates5 to 119 Msps                                                   1 to 45 Msps                                          128 ksps to 7.5 Msps
SatCom Interfaces    Tx: L-band/F-Type, 950-2400 MHz, 0dBm/-35dBm, 75ΩRx: L-band/F-Type, 950-2150MHz, 75 ΩRF Power Transmit: Pmax of +0 dBm to Pmin of -35 dBmRF Power Receive: Max composite wide band receive level:a) -5 dBm for symbol rates ≤ 45 Mspsb) 10 dB above wanted signal power level for symbol rates > 45 MspsMinimum Receive Level: -115+10*log (Fsym(sps)) single carrier 
Available BUC Power (IFL)  +24V, 2.0A** max available @ connector Tx Out
Available LNB Power (IFL)  13, 18, 21V @ 0.5A**, 22kHz tone @ connector Rx in
Data InterfacesLAN: Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
I/ORJ45 Console
Protocols SupportedTCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, NAT/PAT, DNS, ROHCv2, RIPv2, IGMPv2, IGMPv3, ICMP, IPv4 (IPv6 over L2oS), L3
Traffic Engineering    QoS, CIR (Static and Dynamic)
Licensable Features    Inbound throughput, 256-bit AES Encryption*
SizeW 4.78 cm (1.88 in) x D 11.43 cm (4.5 in) x H 18.26 cm (7.19 in)
Weight0.37 kg, (0.83lb)
Operating Temperature    0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F), 0° to 35°C (32° to 95°F) at 10,000 ft
Storage Temperature    -40° to +85°C (-40° to +185°F)
Operating Humidity    10-90% non-condensing
Storage Humidity    5-95% non-condensing
Input Voltage100-240 VAC, 50-60Hz
CertificationsFCC, CE, TUV, and RoHS Compliant

** Feature is release dependent
**Combined Tx & Rx power not to exceed 50W

Please do let us know your requirement so I could send you the proposal to showcase your needs.

For inquiries, please email us at shop@vsatplus.com

For more details, please visit our website: https://www.vsatplus.com/

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