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Cost-effective teleport monitoring!

Satellite teleports are often, in the eyes of the visitor, impressive facilities: A wide field of huge antennas, a cutting-edge control center…

Each one of those antennas is responsible of a great number of uplink and downlink signals that feed the studios and transmission centers of entire countries. Many of those signals are critical because they will be distributed, in maximum quality, to the transmission centers and ultimately to the audience in their homes. A small failure in the LNB of any antenna means a service interruption for thousands of users.


There are several sizes of teleports. Some of them with dozens of antennas, other are smaller and transport a few signals. In any case, the transmission and the reception qualities must be guaranteed..

We often assume that a system to track the quality of all those signals is quite expensive because it must receive and demodulate a a mixture of channels to be displayed in a large videowall. When a signal is down, the operator is aware because its picture disappears in the videowall. Then, the operator must take the proper actions to detect the failure. The most advanced centers have sophisticated automated systems to carry on the surveying.

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