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SPC Japan SPCR5400BN Ext. Ref. Ku-Band PLL LNB

SPC Japan SPCR5400BN Ext. Ref. Ku-Band PLL LNB


■ 1dB Gain Compression +10dBm
■ High Stability, Low Noise Converter
■ Reliability by design
■ High Quality by design
■ Low cost by design
■ Small, Light weight, Easy to install

SPC Electronics Corp, a global leader in the design,manufature,supply of LNB of VSAT has a wealth of experience in providing significant supplies to fulfill the needs of the wireless market.

SPC Japan SPC5300BN
RF Input Frequency11.70 to 12.20 GHz12.25 to 12.75 GHz10.95 to 11.70 GHz
IF Output Frequency950 to 1450 MHz950 to 1700 MHz
Local Frequency10.75 GHz11.30 GHz10.00 GHz
Local Frequency StabilityPhase locked to external reference
Requirement for External Reference* Supplied through center conductor of IF cable[Frequency] 10MHz(sine wave)[Input Level] 0 to -10dBm @ IFout[Phase Noise] -134dBc/Hz max. @ 100 Hz-144dBc/Hz max. @ 1 KHz-154dBc/Hz max. @ 10 KHz-154dBc/Hz max. @ 100 KHz
Local Oscillator SSB Phase Noise:Offset Frequency / Phase Noise100 Hz / -60 dBc/Hz1 KHz / -70 dBc/Hz10 KHz / -80 dBc/Hz100 KHz / -95 dBc/Hz
Noise Figure0.8dB max. @ +25°C
Gain55 to 70 dB over Frequency & Temperature
Gain Ripple1 dB p-p max per 36MHZ segment across the frequency band
Input VSWR2.5: 1 typical
Output VSWR2.3: 1 max
Output 1 dB Gain Compression Point+10 dBm min.
Image Rejection-45dBc max
Spurious in Rx Band-140dBm max. @ waveguide input excluding Rx out + 1 MHz measured at RF Input power -85dBm
Input Voltage+12 to +24 V supplied through center conductor of the IF cable
Current350 mA max
Input InterfaceWR-75,Waterproof – Mated with matching flange and O-ring
Output InterfaceStandard: F-Type, 75 ?, female, WaterproofOption: N-Type, 50 ?, female, Waterproof
Size125(L) mm x 60(W) mm x 22(H) mm
Weight340g (F-Conn) / 348g (N-Conn)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +80°C
Relative HumidityUp to 100%, condensation and frost
AltitudeUp to 10,000 feet at operating

SPC Japan SPCR5400BN Ext. Ref. Ku-Band PLL LNB

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