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Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer with 2 sides Magnets Level Box

Mini Digital Protractor Inclinometer with 2 sides Magnets Level Box


  • Ultra-slim size, all aluminum alloy frame structure.
  • Portable design and simple operation.
  • Two strong magnets are built in the side and the bottom surface, which is convenient to measure the horizontal and vertical.
  • High accuracy and resolution.
  • Degree and Percentage of slope in conversion.
  • Absolute & relative measurement modes.
  • Large and clear LCD display.
  • Measured data hold.
  • Calibrate button  to calibrate the meter to any reference surface.
  • Displayed readings remain upright to enable easy viewing at all angles.


  • All aluminum alloy frame structure
  • Two strong magnets are built in the side and the bottom surface
  • Range: 0 ~ 90° x 4 quadrants (360°)
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
  • Operating Humidity: 40 ~ 80% RH
  • Power: 3 x 3V CR2032 Batteries   (not included for air shipment)  
  • Dimensions: approx. 52 x 52 x 25 mm/2.04 x 2.04 x 0.98 inch


  • Drive line Measurement.
  • Race car wing and chassis adjustment.
  • Wheel alignment.
  • Drainage angles and run-off slopes.
  • Tool setting on Lathes.
  • Setting blade angle of Circular Saws/Miter Saws.
  • Setting work piece angle for milling.
  • Platform monitoring.
  • Check drill press table setting, table saw, jointer table, band saw, jointer fence or band saw table.
  • You can even put it into your clothing pockets for field works.

1. The battery should be taken out for storage if the instrument will be kept idle for a long time period.
2. Since this product was only applies to two-axis measurements, in the third axis ( foot level front and back side) and at the horizontal angle was less than 45 °, the LCD will display an error message “Err”.

(The battery not including for air shipment)

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