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Nexgenwave TB36BPF(N)E-01 4W Low Ku-Band BUC

Nexgenwave TB36BPF(N)E-01 4W Low Ku-Band BUC

VSATTM Series are ideal for Broadband VSAT RF terminal. 

  • 36dBm output power
  • Optional Internal Reference source
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Small Size & Mass
  • Power Consumption : 35W Max.
  • Two years Warranty
  • Ku-band 4W Low BUC Model
Model NumberDescriptionRF BandIF BandOutput Power
TB36BPFE-014W Low Ku-band BUC,  F/N Type13.75-14.25 (GHz)950-1450 (MHz)+36dBm

Mechanical Drawing


Input Characteristics

Frequency RangeB : 950 ~ 1450 MHz
Impedance75 Ohm , 50 Ohm
VSWR2 : 1
InterfaceF-Type or N-Type

Output Characteristics

Frequency Range
B : 13.75 ~ 14.25 GHz (LO Freq = 12.80GHz)
Output Power @ 1dB G.C.P (Over temp.)    Min.36dBm
VSWR2 : 1

Transfer Characteristics

Frequency Sense
Linear Gain                            Typical58 dB
Gain Variation                    Over 54 MHz  1.5 dB
Over the whole Bandwidth
Over Operation Temperature
 4 dB
   4 dB
Spurious                              In band  -60dBc
Out of band  -50dBc
Phase Noise (Typ.)                      100Hz  -65dBc/Hz 
  -85dBc/Hz    -95dBc/Hz 


External Reference            Input Frequency
Input Power Phase Noise-5 to +5dBm@Input Port
-125dBc/Hz max.@ 100Hz offset
-135dBc/Hz max.@ 1kHz offset
-140dBc/Hz max.@ 10kHz offset
Operating Voltage DC15 ~ 24 VDC
Power Consumption                      Max.35W
Operating Temperature-40 to +55
HumidityUp to 100%
Internal FunctionLock Detector shuts off Tx in case of LO unlocked
Dimensions / Weight176.1 x 161.5 x 65 (mm) / 1.8 Kg 

Nexgenwave TB36DPF(N)E-01 4W Ku-Band D-Series BUC

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