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Nexgenwave BT-DC1700M Bias Tee

Nexgenwave BT-DC1700M Bias Tee

  • Bandwidth 950MHz to 1.7GHz
  •  IF Passed Through
  • High Stability (10ˉ8)10MHz Injection
  • Up to 6 Amps DC input
  • 15-64 VDC Power input
  • “N” or “F” RF Interface Options
  • Two years Warranty
  • RoHS Compliance

This small and efficient unit provides DC supply and high stability(10ˉ8 )a VSAT(DC power support separate) in case a modem neither cannot supply sufficient power nor 10MHz reference. The unit passes L-Band signal and injects 10MHz reference signal and up to 6A DC current.

Mechanical Drawing

RF Frequency950MHz to 1.7GHz
Voltage15-64 VDC
Current Max6 Amps
10MHz Ref. Stability10 -8
10MHz Ref. Stability Output Power Typ.5dBm
Insert Loss   10 MHz
950 MHz-1.45GHz
1.0dB Max
1.0dB Max
DC InterfaceBanana Jack
RF Interface     BT-DC1700-1,F
From Modem and to VSAT : F type
From Modem and to VSAT : N type

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