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Skyware Global Antenna 2.4m Tx/Rx Ku-Band Type 243 Class III

Skyware Global Type 243 2.4M Ku-Band Tx/Rx Class III Cross-Pol Antenna

Tx Frequency: 13.75 – 14.50 GHzRx Frequency: 10.70 – 12.75 GHzFiberglass ReflectorAz/El mount with fine azimuth, and elevation adjustment and 6.63″ (168mm) mast pipe interfaceFeed Support and Feed Horn assembly with Orthomode Transducer (OMT) and Transmit-Reject Filter (TRF)Intelsat Approved; Reference Bulletin PA-100572

The Skyware Global Type 243 2.4M Class III Tx/Rx Antenna is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which not only strengthens the antenna, but also helps to maintain its critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance.

The Az/El mount is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to provide a rigid support to the reflector and feed support arm. Heavy-duty lockdown bolts secure the mount to any 6.63″ (168 mm) O.D. mast and prevent slippage in high winds. Hot-dip galvanizing is standard for maximum environmental protection.

Skyware Global Type 243 2.4M Ku-Band Tx/Rx Class III Cross-Pol Antenna

Type 243 Antenna Features

Two-piece precision offset thermoset molded reflectorHeavy-duty galvanized Az/El mountFine Azimuth and elevation adjustmentsGalvanized support arm and alignment strutsFactory pre-assembled mountGalvanized and stainless hardware for maximum corrosion resistanceIncludes Ku-Band linear cross-polarized RxTx feed assemblyHeavy-duty Class III mount for 25 lb (11 kg) RF electronics (LNB & BUC)

General SpecificationsTx Frequency13.75 – 14.50 GHzRx Frequency10.70 – 12.75 GHzGain (3 dBi)49.3 dBi @ 14.25 GHzFeed InterfaceWR-75OMT / Filter AssemblyIncludedElectrical SpecificationsEffective Aperture2.4m (96 in.)Operating FrequencyTransmit = 13.75 – 14.50 GHz
Receive = 10.70 – 12.75 GHzPolarizationLinear, Co or Cross-PolarizedGain (±.3 dBi)Transmit = 49.3 dBi @ 14.25 GHz
Receive = 47.6 dBi @ 11.95 GHz3 dB BeamwidthTransmit = .59° @ 14.3 GHz
Receive = .71° @ 12.0 GHzAntenna Cross-Polarization>30 dB (on axis)Antenna Noise Temperature10° Elevation = 42°K
20° Elevation = 34°K
30° Elevation = 31°KVSWR1.3:1 Max.Isolation, Tx to Rx80 dB Min.Feed InterfaceTransmit = WR-75
Receive = WR-75Sidelobe Envelope (Tx,Co-Pol dBi):
2°* < θ < 20° 
20° < θ < 26.3° 
26.3° < θ < 48° 
48° < θ < 180°
29-25 Log θ
32-25 Log θ
-10 (Typical)Mechanical SpecificationsReflector MaterialGlass Fiber Reinforced PolyesterAntenna OpticsTwo-Piece Offset Feed Prime FocusMount TypeElevation over AzimuthElevation Adjust. Range10°-90° Continuous Fine AdjustmentAzimuth Adjust. Range360° Continuous; ±12° Fine AdjustmentMast Pipe Interface6.63 in.(168 mm) DiameterEnvironmental PerformanceWind LoadingOperational = 45 mi/h (72 km/h)
Survival = 125 mi/h (200 km/h)Temperature-50°C to 80°CHumidity0 to 100% (Condensing)AtmosphereSalt, Pollutants and Contaminants as
Encountered in Coastal and Industrial AreasSolar Radiation360 BTUShock and VibrationAs Encountered During
Shipping and Handling

Skyware Global Antenna 2.4m Tx/Rx Ku-Band Type 243 Class III Datasheet

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