Kymeta Connect: Making Satellite Connectivity Easy

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGYFlat, light, and with no moving parts antenna, Kymeta hardware sets the standard for high durability and low maintenance.CUSTOMER TESTEDWe’ve been chosen by the most demanding communications customers on earth, including military and first responders.
CUSTOMER VALIDATEDKymeta has been field deployed for three years. We’ll increase our lead over the competition with the launch of the all new u8 products.GAME CHANGINGKymeta offers a complete solution including hardware, broadband, and support all at a flat monthly price.
PUBLIC SAFETYInteragency connectivity, interoperability, and communication Incident command and controlReal-time reporting andmonitoring to and from the field Incident management andmodelingDOD/MODTier 2 battlefield management Command and control Situational awareness Reconnaissance supportSafety and securityRobust connectivityEnterpriseReal-time network metricsHighly customizableSingle point of control for global asset management
Kymeta KYWAY U7 16W with iDirect Modem (limited quantities)The KyWay terminal comprises of two major components: The weather-facing outdoor unit (ODU), includes the antenna and transceiver elements. The key component of the KyWay terminal is the Kymeta mTenna antenna subsystem module (ASM), which includes a combined transmit-and receive-capable aperture, control electronics assembly, mechanical enclosure system, and software. The indoor unit (IDU), includes the modem, power supplies, and interfaces. ODU and IDU components interface with each other through three cables available as accessories: ODU interface cable Transmit coaxial cable (Tx cable) Receive coaxial cable (Rx cable)Buy Now
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