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Norsat 1081XRTS 8W Selectable Ku-Band BUC

1081XRTS Switchable Ku-Band BUC

The Norsat 1081XRTS Selectable Ku-Band BUC is switchable between Standard (14.0 to 14.50 GHz) and Extended (13.75 to 14.50 GHz) Ku-Band. The 1081XRTS is fully contained including Universal Outdoor AC Power Supply, Universal BUC Support Brackets, 3m Cable and AC Power Supply cord connectors – AC PS Cable not included

1081XRTNS Selectable Ku-Band BUC

8W Non-Inverted Typical Specifications
Output frequency 13.75 to 14.50 GHz
(14.00 to 14.50 GHz)
Input frequency 950 to 1700 MHz
(950 to 1450 MHz)
Output to P1dB 39 dBm
L.O. frequency 12.80 GHz (13.05 GHz)
Input VSWR 2.0 : 1
Output VSWR 2.1 : 1
Phase noise (SSB) -70 dBc/Hz at 1kHz
-80 dBc/Hz at 10kHz
-90 dBc/Hz at 100kHz
External reference signal frequency 10 MHz
External reference level -5 to +5 dBm
10 MHz external reference phase noise -135 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz
-140 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz
-150 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz
Gain (including variation over temperature and frequency) 56 dB min
66 dB max
Gain stability over temperature ±2.25 dB at any constant frequency
Gain stability in-band at any constant temperature ±1.0 dB in any 54 MHz band
±3.0 dB over full 750 MHz band

 Norsat 1081XRTNS 8W Selectable Ku-Band BUC Datasheet

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