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NJRC NJZ1286 150W AC/DC BUC Power Supply


  • Compliance with UL Certification
  • Indoor AC/DC Power Supply Unit
  • for Ku-8W & C-8W/10W BUCs
    • Maximum Output Power: 150 W
    • Output Voltage: +48 VDC
    • Bias-tee Equipped
  • Regardless of Any Types of Modem
  • Directly Connect the Coaxial Cable
  • including IF, Reference and DC
  • One Coaxial Cable Solution
  • Compatible with 1U Rack-mount
  • LED Indicator Equipped
  • RoHS Compliance


The features of 150W AC/DC Power Supply Unit (PSU) is to provide the stable +48 V DC power to operate both C-band 8W/10W and Ku-band 8W BUCs, even if inner power supply of the modem is not capable enough to operate these BUCs.
The 150W AC/DC PSU, which is having enough power supply of 150 W as well as having the bias-tee which enable to pass 10 MHz reference signal and L-band IF signal (950 – 1,700 MHz) from the modem, is operated by AC Power and enable to operate these BUCs.
In addition, the aluminum housing with corrosion-proof treatment on the surface is employed with the box to use perfectly as the indoor unit.

Applicable Model

C-band 8W BUC NJT5760NA NJT5760FA
C-band 10W BUC NJT5762NA NJT5762FA NJT5764NA NJT5764FA
Ku-band 8W BUC NJT5118NA NJT5118FA
Ku-band 8W mini-BUC NJT8318NA NJT8318FA


Item Specifications
Interface AC Input: IEC320-C14 inlet
IF/Ref./(DC) Input:
N-type, female (50 ohm) or F-type, female (75 ohm)
IF/Ref./DC Output:
N-type, female (50 ohm) or F-type, female (75 ohm)
Input AC Voltage Rated Range: 100 to 240 VAC
Absolute Maximam Rating: 90 to 264 VAC
Input AC Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Output Voltage +48 VDC +/- 10 %
Maximum Output Power 150 W
IF Frequency 950 to 1,700 MHz
Standard EN55022
EN60950-1 / UL60950-1
Regulations * EU Directive (CE Marking)
EMC (2004/108/EC)
LOW VOLTAGE (2006/95/EC)
* UL Certification
Size 290 (W) x 200 (D) x 44 (H) mm
[11.42″ (W) x 7.87″ (D) x 1.73″ (H)]
Compatible with 1U Rack-mount
Weight 1.6 kg [3.5lbs]
Accessories AC power cable of 2 m
Coaxial cable of 1 m
1U rack mount kit (Option)

 NJRC NJZ1286-F 150W AC/DC BUC Power Supply Datasheet

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